KCDI Jamaica is a Registered Charity that provides regional Farm Management & Community Development training.

Kevoy Community Development Institute (KCDI) Jamaica is a registered charity that provides Farm Management and Community Development Training to regional small farmers and their communities.

The institution is governed by a nine member board. Board members are Capt. Herman Green JP, Dr. Margret Chin, Nadine Chamber-Goss (Mrs), Donovan McLaren (Executive Director) and Doctoral Candidate, Dr. Lisa Myers Morgan, Ruth Wilson (Ms.), Densil Pierre, Deloris Wade (Ms.)

Mission Statement

Kevoy Community Development Institute (KCDI) Jamaica is committed to the empowerment of rural Caribbean people through agricultural and community development training programs; resource mobilization and social project management; thereby increasing their employ-ability and reducing their socio-economic vulnerability of marginalized groups.


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